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# Watershed - A listen-later queue for streaming music
Watershed is an app for saving music to listen later. It's not complete but I got tired of keeping it private and not finishing it. I hope to release something usable soon.
## Project Status
I still really like the idea of finishing this up and "releasing" a production deployment, but life and other ideas and new fascinations keep getting in the way.
The server is down right now but I will stand it back up soon. In theory, though, you should have everything you need here to run your own.
## Installation
* The browser extension is currently available in two ways:
* **Chrome**: By invitiation only in the Chrome Store
* **Firefox**: Direct file transfer (or checkout and [build](#build)) to get the extension, then follow [manual installation]( instructions
* No other browsers have been tested for support. It'd be neat if someone wanted to play around with that.
* The webapp is markedly less useful without the browser extension :(
## Contributing
* I don't expect anyone to contribute but if this is interesting to you I'd love to hear from you and talk about it.
* Some obvious areas for improvement are:
* Testing
* Updating React (again!? again.)
* Docs/docstrings
* Adding compatibility for other streaming sources, e.g.:
* Youtube playlists
<a name="build"></a>
### Building the extension
[Webpack]( is the tool that builds both the player frontend and the browser extension. Once you have the project cloned, building the extension should theoretically be as simple as:
1. `yarn install`
2. `webpack --config webpack.config.js --browser`
3. This outputs to `browser/dist/` -- that's the folder you want for manually installing in Firefox. I don't remember how Chrome works in this regard anymore.
If that doesn't work, at least you know where to poke around.