20 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Noah Hall 968f9d7ddd add vimwiki settings for aurora 3 years ago
  Noah Hall 64040a4ac9 add some basic vimwiki config 3 years ago
  Noah Hall 632495e133 add flake8 linter for ale, and .vim/templates dir for auto-pop templates 3 years ago
  Noah Hall 97097d4b66 flake8 over pylint i guesss 4 years ago
  Noah Hall 3cdc3115d9 fix solarized highlighting, add more vim plugins 4 years ago
  Noah Hall 323fd5b943 js syntax, and colorscheme stuff 4 years ago
  Noah Hall cacc005424 vimrc new syntax & remaps, plus linenumbers 4 years ago
  Noah Hall edc5475bbf section-delineating comments, django filetypes, remember more marks 5 years ago
  Noah Hall f1320330a6 calmer vimdiff highlighting, and fix some organization problems 6 years ago
  Noah Hall 22eb52d122 preserve cursor position, & other viminfo stuff 6 years ago
  Noah Hall d61ab28026 add django plugin to pylint in syntastic, & always get errorlist 6 years ago
  Noah Hall 3ee23a05dd cleanup vim bundle, add wildmenu vim opt, and better setup.sh 6 years ago
  root df35a00e31 first stab at setup script, plus some other fixes & stuff 7 years ago
  Noah Hall 2b05cddec0 .vimrc changes 7 years ago
  Noah Hall 789c993fce update .vimrc (Statusline etc) 8 years ago
  Noah Hall e69137e10c initial commit of dotfiles 8 years ago