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  7. Hi, I'm Noah Hall. I'm a [web developer](/work), but I'm also a parent, organic gardener, birdwatcher, [political organizer](, [Unitarian Universalist](, and many other things. I'm interested in music, community, ecology, interconnectedness, the absurd and the ineffable.
  8. This is my website. I've never been great at maintaining a personal *or* professional website, but I'm giving it an honest try for the first time now. So, this is very much an evolving and developing place, more than a static artifact. I hope to add more [writing about software](/tags/software/) and maybe other topics, more [bird photography](/photos/), and... beyond that, I'm not sure yet! If you'd like to know a bit more about how I'm building & publishing it, there's a [page for that](/about/).
  9. I am currently working as a web consultant, leveraging over a decade of experience in software development to plan, build, and maintain web applications for a wide variety of clients. I aim to practice a humane, ethical software development that gives consideration to maintainability, accessibility, and privacy. I'm available now to assess your needs or discuss your project. Please [read more about my work](/work) or [email me]( to schedule an initial consultation.
  10. I am also interested in talking to like-minded developers, technologists, writers, community managers, and any others who may be interested in forming a cooperative for either software consulting/agency work or product development, or both!