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  5. In roughly a decade of work on the web, I've built social games, created customer-support workflows, modernized outdated systems, and developed data reporting dashboards. Now I use [this breadth and depth of experience](/static/resume.pdf "My Resume") to help small-to-medium businesses and non-profits reach new audiences, streamline processes, and stay secure online.
  6. My resume is available [here](/static/resume.pdf "My Resume").
  7. I'm available for short or long-term contracting, with services including:
  8. - project planning
  9. - custom web applications from scratch
  10. - modernizing aging sites
  11. - ongoing maintenance
  12. - assessing your systems for technical debt, security risks, accessibility, and more
  13. Please [email me]( for more information or to schedule a preliminary consultation.
  14. ## Testimonials
  15. > Noah was a huge help in launching my games. His expertise and persistence made short work of routine tasks, and challenging problems were no match for his creativity and can-do attitude. He's an effective communicator and a pleasure to work with. He also has the rare ability to both follow instructions to the letter, and self direct his work, as needed.
  16. *Nick Shapiro, CEO, [Game Craftsmen](*
  17. > Our business is built on serving families and children, but we can't do it without our software infrastructure. Noah has not only kept our systems running reliably, but improved them over time, while showing care and consideration for all of our stakeholders. Noah’s skill with devising multiple solutions to achieve our business goals—and then implementing them—significantly improved our business execution success. I implicitly trust Noah with our software platform.
  18. *Reed Bilbray, Founder & CEO, [Zaniac Holdings, LLC](*