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Noah Hall 2 years ago
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title: Fall Colors
date: 2020-11-08
- birds
layout: photos
file: "/img/2020_cewa1.jpg"
title: This is Our Tree
alt: Several cedar waxwings perch in a leafless tree. One is in flight with wings and tail feathers spread. I can't recall if it's coming or going.
file: "/img/2020_cewa2.jpg"
title: Two Cedar Waxwings, Looking South
alt: Two cedar waxwings look off into the distance from their close perches in a leafless tree.
file: "/img/2020_cewa5.jpg"
title: One Proud Waxwing
alt: One waxwing perches and looks off to the left. Its chest looks puffed-out, and the yellow tips of its tail feathers are downright striking against the blue sky.
file: "/img/2020_cewa6.jpg"
title: Another waxwing, from below
alt: A picture of a waxwing on a branch with its fair share of lichen. Shot from underneath, with facial features somewhat visible but really showing off those red wing and yellow tail tips.
On four separate occasions this fall I've seen groups of [Cedar Waxwings]( in a particular spot on the lake. It's just at the edge between "Bird Sanctuary" and "Plain Ol' Lake". I don't know as much as I'd like about the plant life there; I do know there are vigorous and widespread [porcelain berry]( vines, and I believe at least one dogwood. Two of the four occasions, I was walking with the kids and watched the waxwings by binoculars from the lake side of the area they had staked out.
The other two sightings were on dedicated birding trips with the camera. Among the fine qualities of their chosen hangout, is that you could prop your elbows on the railing of the viewing deck and get a decent angle on this particular tree they favored. Any little bit of help I can get stabilizing the big lens is welcome, of course, but the tree, angle, sky... everything added up for some nice shots.
One of my trips, a woman was sitting on the bench at that viewing deck, just enjoying the air and watching the birds. She asked me what they were, and when I told her, she said, "Oh, I thought they were bigger than that." I still don't know what else to say to her - there are oodles of birds that I can't readily distinguish yet, but this isn't one of them!