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  Noah Hall d67c1b36ae update wishlist 1 year ago
  Noah Hall 1ca5d2fbb3 edit 'edit-last-commit' post for brevity 1 year ago
  Noah Hall 0d475afed5 add draft for getting started w/ birding post 1 year ago
  Noah Hall 2594503f99 typo argh 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 606239e99d small fixes for last post 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 9b0f73ba63 new post about my edit-last-commit shell script 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 56e97d6573 yes i'm revising the tech ethics post again, hush 2 years ago
  Noah Hall c0a899328f further minor edits to tech ethics audit post 2 years ago
  Noah Hall f32dfa32b1 fixups to tech ethics post edit 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 6c61d99456 edits & additions to tech ethics post 2 years ago
  Noah Hall ce2fd62b81 fix mistakes in last commit 2 years ago
  Noah Hall d7a2a3a17b add post: personal tech ethics audit 2 years ago
  Noah Hall d404fa44e9 add descriptions for posts 2 years ago
  Noah Hall ad862165a2 ok one more fix and now things appear to work! 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 94796135d5 fix MD syntax in two new posts 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 45383cc67a set layout=post in posts.json 2 years ago
  Noah Hall bb4217851f haha oops fix YAML error in Letting Go 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 6662b2ebec add Letting Go post 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 0d4a7f3f93 add medium-draft leaving-facebook post to live 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 549e02e139 new scratchpad, like even draftier than a regular draft 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 2920c85e9b fix long line in code block messing with page width 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 8281846126 small edits to goatcounter post 2 years ago
  noah a05416e43e add post about hosting goatcounter 2 years ago
  noah 456310a4b6 lots of things but i just finished making the carousel mostly work lol 2 years ago
  noah f17b718221 initial commit for my site 2 years ago
  Zach Leatherman 496982355e Using deep data merge (post tag is inherited from posts/posts.json) and updates to use 0.7.0. 4 years ago
  Zach Leatherman 2402ba4887 Refactored latest posts and with a correct sort. Uses dates on posts rather than file creation dates (unreliable). 4 years ago
  Zach Leatherman e2028fd551 Whitespace, adds fourth sample post 4 years ago
  Mathias Bynens 08dd5f67d0
Add code snippet with 2 consecutive new lines 4 years ago
  Zach Leatherman 4185f33c15 Adds markdown-it-anchor plugin 4 years ago
  Zach Leatherman 75243f298d Adds tag pages example 4 years ago
  Zach Leatherman 80ea652463 Use new markdown syntax highlighter b/c it’s cool, v4.0.2 5 years ago
  Zach Leatherman ac5c7edb44 Move all src JS into external plugins installed through NPM: 5 years ago
  Zach Leatherman 69e013641c Show off the syntax line highlights 5 years ago
  Zach Leatherman d7e2c4e525 Switch to debug for netlify deploy 5 years ago
  Zach Leatherman dceec25c46 Try the plain highlighter 5 years ago
  Zach Leatherman 40bb789340 Adds a syntax highlighter example to templates for #3 5 years ago
  Zach Leatherman b9c0d87306 start of eleventy-base-blog that pairs with 0.2.8 5 years ago
  Zach Leatherman c86db0c9ce Initial commit. 5 years ago