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  Noah Hall 9f001af958 cleanup 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 6662b2ebec add Letting Go post 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 0d4a7f3f93 add medium-draft leaving-facebook post to live 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 079a61d753 update TODO 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 549e02e139 new scratchpad, like even draftier than a regular draft 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 4ec6344d91 Merge branch 'mysite' of gitlab:nthall/personal-site into mysite 2 years ago
  noah c2763a1544 Merge branch 'mysite' of gitlab.com:nthall/personal-site into mysite 2 years ago
  noah c78a292cfa small fixups 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 17623305b1 add case for the big lens to the wishlist 2 years ago
  noah 265c703784 code highlighting works 2 years ago
  Noah Hall ddc88994d7 Merge branch 'mysite' of gitlab:nthall/personal-site into mysite 2 years ago
  noah 51d2e47e0d start of mobile style fixes 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 5f326f10f6 little more room for the footer text 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 2920c85e9b fix long line in code block messing with page width 2 years ago
  Noah Hall ea36edb8d9 fix some pages using the wrong layout 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 2bbd8b2e09 justify text 2 years ago
  Noah Hall f4c6aa77cd previous commit oopsied the border btwn content and sidebar 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 31bac1dc40 better gutter size for large screens; mobile style still needs to be done 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 4ea706f571 return underlining to nav links, and fix font-size for my name lol 2 years ago
  Noah Hall a879f77d40 remove line about commercial licensing lol c'mon 2 years ago
  Noah Hall ffedcf8836 remove header text and relocate site nav for better a11y 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 1bc61d4337 update css variable for better contrast / a11y 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 8b74658099 change font-family from serif to sans 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 523b1499b4 more style tweaks, header and font-sizes 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 15ae32548b update TODO list and tweak header style a bit 2 years ago
  Noah Hall a21eac93dd more tweaking of line-height and font-size 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 8281846126 small edits to goatcounter post 2 years ago
  Noah Hall ce72f80a00 playing with line height & font size 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 22a567d9f7 add a little margin to bottom of code blocks 2 years ago
  Noah Hall 729b765ede add to wishlist 2 years ago
  noah d991316e09 update wishlist 2 years ago
  noah 96697e833a small step towards better code rendering and such 2 years ago
  noah 1e513ea43e fix code block display style 2 years ago
  noah feab3d9e10 add non-amazon gift wishlist 2 years ago
  noah a05416e43e add post about hosting goatcounter 2 years ago
  noah 38246865ea refinements to page metadata for sharing to facebook 2 years ago
  noah b05326d8c0 more fixes to photo layout, carousel behavior 2 years ago
  noah f27d518de6 2 new posts, accompanying images, and tweaks to the carousel 2 years ago
  noah 76eb6ff0fb frontend changes related to goatcounter 2 years ago
  noah 6d22abe71e better positioning for carousel img and next/prev clickies 2 years ago
  noah 456310a4b6 lots of things but i just finished making the carousel mostly work lol 2 years ago
  noah f17b718221 initial commit for my site 2 years ago
  Zach Leatherman ffef660e0e Update TLD 2 years ago
  Zach Leatherman 5d46f4eac2
Merge pull request #59 from plug-n-play/patch-1 3 years ago
  Zach Leatherman 7af54705df
Merge pull request #56 from thedamon/patch-1 3 years ago
  Amandeep Singh 0a1df0abca
Name update post rebranding 3 years ago
  Zach Leatherman 954a543d57 Updates to 0.11.0 3 years ago
  Damon Muma c68d946bab
Bump nvmrc to 10 for netlify 3 years ago
  Zach Leatherman cf148183d9 Update to v0.10.0 3 years ago
  Zach Leatherman 90f6a2f736
Merge pull request #27 from krzychukula/patch-1 3 years ago