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More Yard Birds of Summer 2020 2020-08-23 A few photos from early August, featuring a Gray Catbird and some Song Sparrows [{0 [{file /img/catbird.jpg} {title Gray Catbird} {alt a gray catbird in a silver maple tree, striking a quizzical pose}]} {1 [{file /img/grass-sparrow-1.jpg} {title Song Sparrow in the grass} {alt a song sparrow stands near the border between the grass and the dark ground under some overgrown viney, bushy stuff}]} {2 [{file /img/grass-sparrow-2.jpg} {title Song Sparrow found a seed} {alt a song sparrow in profile in the grass; framed more tightly with only green grass fore and behind. it has a seed in its beak}]} {3 [{file /img/tree-sparrow.jpg} {title Song Sparrow perched in a green ash} {alt a song sparrow perched in the leafy branches of a green ash tree}]}]

Isolation continues to be important and challenging. Between taking these pictures and posting them, I did finally return to the beloved bird sanctuary, but most of my briding continues to take place along a few roads extending less than a mile in each direction from my house.

I am awed by how much there is still to learn about birds, and about photography, both in general and specifically with the gear I have. But I'm also extremely pleased with the catbird picture in particular. It tickles me to know that probably my best bird picture to date is of this species, whose unique call bedevils my dear wife and -- not because of the bedeviling! -- delights me endlessly.

What can I say about the sparrows? I love them and I don't care how common they are or what calm, patient photography models they make. They are handsome and cheerful and I'm glad they like our yard.