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photos Yard Birds of Early Summer 2020 2020-07-14 Photos I took this summer of a Phoebe, Song Sparrow, and Tree Swallows [{0 [{file /img/20200629_phoebe-with-food.jpg} {title Phoebe perched with food} {alt an eastern phoebe perches on a piece of cattle panel, holding a bug in its beak.}]} {1 [{file /img/20200629_song-sparrow.jpg} {title Song Sparrow} {alt a song sparrow perches in a bush, partially obscured by the leaves and looking at the camera.}]} {2 [{file /img/20200629_fledgling-tree-swallow.jpg} {title Fledgling Tree Swallow} {alt a young tree swallow peers out from its nest box towards the camera.}]} {3 [{file /img/20200629_tree-swallow-feeding.jpg} {title Tree Swallow Feeding} {alt one of the fledgling's parents have returned to share some food with the young bird!}]}]

Isolation has me deeply missing my regular birding haunts. On the other hand, we're lucky to have a phenomenal, rich birding area all around us in our neighborhood! I've been trying to make the most of it, deepening my knowledge of and connection to this little stretch of valley.

Here are a few fun captures from my yard, and my next-door neighbor's birdhouse which has gifted us with the presence of a complement of tree swallows this year. There's always something going on if we remember to look.