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About This Site 2020-07-24 page about-this-site

This site is built with Gulp and Eleventy and served via nginx on Ubuntu. It is written with vim.

I'm working on indieweb compatibility.

The header image was taken by me, at the Botanical Gardens at Asheville. Just out of frame are my children, running in circles hollering at each other about Voldemort. Isn't that butterfly just so peaceful? The sidebar image of me is not my creation, and while I have permission to use it, you do not have permission to reproduce or distribute it.

All of my content and code here, unless otherwise noted, is licensed under the Cooperative Non-violent Public License v4+ (CNPLv4+). View the license text here or its official website.

I take your privacy seriously; the only tracking active on this site is a self-hosted deployment of GoatCounter. You may wish to read their privacy policy but note that the "Using the Service" section does not apply here.