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First of all,

The fact is that I'm very fortunate and don't really need any new toys or whatever. But, all living things are connected, and many are not so lucky as I am. So, a great way to make my life better is to make life better for someone else. I support all of the organizations listed below; a donation to any of them is always appreciated as a gesture of care.

With that said, if you're really trying to give me something fun, here are some ideas:



I'm not a vinyl snob and I'm not trying to be, but we do have a record player, so there are some records I'd love to have from time to time.

  • Night Train, Oscar Peterson Trio
  • Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack, Vol. 1, Dr. John
  • The Honeydripper, Jack McDuff
  • Virtuoso, Joe Pass
  • (self-titled), J.D. Crowe and the New South
  • Manzanita, The Tony Rice Unit
  • Dub Massive Chapter One, Bill Laswell
  • Poinciana, Ahmad Jamal
  • The Koln Concert, Keith Jarrett