22 Commits (py3-upgrade)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Noah Hall 6fd8219260 update js deps 1 year ago
  dependabot[bot] 348418ba84
Bump jquery from 3.3.1 to 3.5.0 2 years ago
  noah ed27b62310 oops add webpack-cli to prod deps 2 years ago
  noah fc8cbe8bd9 move webpack to non-dev dependencies in order to automate deploy better 2 years ago
  Noah Hall daa956f60a changes for building production webpack bundles 2 years ago
  noah 06c04a336f small updates to package.json 3 years ago
  Noah Hall 393ca84f23 ok i think everything works again, maybe last webpack/deps commit for a while 3 years ago
  Noah Hall 22a7308af0 much Javascript, wow 3 years ago
  Noah Hall 69cb52cde4 js package manager chaos; clean up someday i guess 3 years ago
  Noah Hall 00087f19d6 add css for browser popup err messages 4 years ago
  Noah Hall bab32a6407 ok uh i think settings are fine now? 4 years ago
  Noah Hall 7db06282fa update JS dependencies - most notably, React 16 4 years ago
  Noah Hall d3b7a3cc14 stop letting old webpack bundles pile up lol 5 years ago
  Noah Hall 75d108ee56 webpack appears to be running correctly 5 years ago
  Noah Hall 4f5570eb77 initial commit but idk if i'm actually gonna follow up on this mess tbh 5 years ago
  Noah Hall f85779efe1 fix Soundcloud player advanceList inconsistencies 5 years ago
  Noah Hall 9e7830401f react fontawesome and a broken skip button 5 years ago
  Noah Hall dbf5375b7c first style commit - bigger player iframes 5 years ago
  Noah Hall c7eb475842 rename playq->watershed 5 years ago
  Noah Hall f4213e7cb6 add YT player, fixup some api interactions 5 years ago
  Noah Hall a64b1646e8 start of a frontend (+ some related backend changes) 5 years ago
  Noah Hall d355f374c2 initial frontend commit: 5 years ago